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Rates per day (VAT included)

PADI is the world’s leading scuba diving training organization. With more than forty years experience, over 136,000 PADI Professionals and more than 6200 dive shops and resorts worldwide, PADI training materials and services let you experience scuba diving from nearly anywhere.

Cancellations and refund policies

All courses and diving trips requires a prior written registration (administrative forms can be signed on the day of the course or trip).

Weather condition cancellation
If a trip or course is cancelled due to weather conditions such as strong wind, high waves, strong current, or typhoon, TED will make best efforts to contact you and announce the  cancellation. Make sure to provide us all details at the time of registration. Any deposit paid will be refunded in the event an alternate dive site/event cannot be arranged. 

Deposits and Cancellations 
All weekend dive trips and training courses require an advance deposit before the registration confirmed, which may not be refunded in the case of customer cancellation depending on the timing and nature of the cancellation. Very often trips require prearranged and prepaid logistics such as ferry or lodging, like in the case of island excursions. 

Deposits and prepay requirements will be stated when a trip is offered, and payment of this amount will be required before the trip reservation is confirmed. Basic rules, unless modified in a specific trip/course description:

Courses and Diving Trips
·        Cancel between 30 days and 1 week before the trip: 20% cancellation fee
·        Cancel between 1 week and 2 days before the trip: 50% cancellation fee
·        Cancel within 24 hours before the trip or on the day: 100% cancellation fee

Dive Cancellation during a trip
While on a day trip or weekend trip, a diver will feel tired, ill or has to suddenly leave before the dives, stay, the diver will be responsible for 100% of the costs for the day or weekend trip. This includes, cancelling one of two boat/shore dives or leaving a day early on a weekend trip. This apply for equipment too.
Loss/Damage of Scuba Equipment 
If a customer loses or damages equipment borrowed or rented, he will be liable for any replacement fee. . These fees are generally quite reasonable, the diver will pay a replacement price, or may be given the option to “go shopping” and find a replacement item from a diving shop.

Course list

since 2006 - already ...

Wetsuit2,160 Yen
Drysuit3,240 Yen
BCD2,160 Yen
Regulator set2,160 Yen
Fin540 Yen
Mask & Snorkel540 Yen
Gloves270 Yen
Boots270 Yen
Full Set6,480 Yen


Discover Scuba Diver
Osezaki1 dive1 day

12,000 Yen

equipment included

Scuba ReviewChibaPool1 day15,000 Yen
Scuba diverOsezaki

Pool 3 dives

 OW 2 dives

2 days

40,000 Yen

equipment included

Open Water Scuba diver - overnight inclusive courseChiba / Osezaki

Pool 5 dives

 OW 4 dives

4 days

78,000 Yen

Overnight stay included with 

Dinner and Breakfast (1 night) 

full equipment Rental

Adventure DiverOsezaki3 dives1 day25,000 Yen
Advanced Open Water diverOsezaki5 dives2 days45,000 Yen
Rescue Diver Osezaki-2 days50,000 Yen
DivemasterChiba - Osezaki-12 days
please see Pro-Courses
Enriched Air SPOsezaki2 dives1 day25,000 Yen
Deep SPOsezaki4 dives2 days35,000 Yen
Night SPOsezaki4 dives2 days35,000 Yen
Boat SPKumomi2 dives1 day20,000 Yen
Peak Performance Buoyancy SPOsezaki2 dives1 day15,000 Yen
Dry-suit SPOsezaki2 dives1 day15,000 Yen
Double Cylinder SPOsezaki2 dives1 day

25,000 Yen

 regulators & BCD  included

Digital Underwater Photographer SP Level 1&2 SPOsezaki2 dives1 day20,000 Yen
Digital Underwater Photographer Level 3 SPOsezaki2 dives1 day20,000 Yen
Emergency First Response (CPR - First Aid - AED)Tokyo-1 day15,000 Yen


OW : Open Water

Price includes Transportation, Diver manual and DVD (when it applies).

Price does not include overnight stay with Dinner and Breakfast : 7,500 Yen (Overnight required for any 2 days courses, except OWD).

Price does not include Bento lunch : 840 Yen ~ 1,000 Yen

Price does not include: equipment rental (unless mentioned) and agency certification fee (4,320 Yen)

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